Meet Bayne

Flowers have always brought me joy, especially ones that bloomed down here in the south during the late winter and spring: daffodils, dogwood, camellias, wisteria, and crab apple. I learned to design florals by the well-seasoned women in my church. We would pick flowers and greenery from our yards and arrange them into beautiful pieces together. I just love the tradition of passing down floral arranging with younger women like myself and connecting through our own southern values and traditions. Not quite knowing where the Lord was going to lead me on this floral journey, I began Beez and Blossoms in 2012 through my  love of cutting and arranging fresh flowers with these women. What I did know is that I wanted to bring this flower joy to Troy and the surrounding areas. I am a contributing editor for lifestyle magazine TroyLife.

My Style

As a floral designer, I believe that I am here to serve in a most beautiful way for all of life’s moments. I use unique flowers and greenery to create garden-inspired, bespoke arrangements containing natural, flowy elements. 

My Mission

I believe each arrangement, no matter how big or small has a story to tell. Through the flowers and greenery I choose, down to the container, I am able to tell that story for you. I offer a wide range of floral services for all of your floral needs. I can’t wait to collaborate with you and create something beautiful together!