Confetti Crate is 5!

This site has been a fruition of almost 3 years. Each year would begin with a resolution to do a website, but months would go by and it would fall through. For 2017, I made a plan to be more purposeful with my business and set smaller attainable goals. The website was at the top of my to do list! Chelsea Nelson of Mommy Makes was my “saving grace” when it comes to all the technical “brouhaha” and design for my website. She not only patiently listened to all my plans and desires for this site, but actually made them a reality. I honestly could not have done this with out her! Thank you from my heart! <3

So with a big exhale I can finally say it is finished! So welcome to my website and blog. Each month I will have blog posts about what is going on at Beez and Blossoms along with pictures of pretty flowers!

With the christening of this new site and blog, I am going to share the floral arrangement I created for the lovely ladies at The Confetti Crate’s 5th Birthday!

The Confetti Crate holds a special place in my heart. It was the first local business in Troy that I took an arrangement to when I first began Beez and Blossoms. After 5 years a beautiful relationship has blossomed between Mallory, Marley and myself. I have done several arrangements, a wedding, and now an upcoming baby shower for them. What a blessing they have been to me!


I always try to use the most unique blooms in my arrangements and this one was no exception!
I went all-girl, all-the-way with the color pallet–pinks, whites and purples. My new, go to greenery of choice these days is peppermint and geranium. The flowers I used in this piece were ranunculus, gorgeous van dyke tulips, purple lilac (another new favorite for me!), roses, sweet pea, Veronica and anemones. One of the things I have just begun to do with tulips is to turn the petals outwards to showcase it even more. The silver vase has to be my favorite part of the arrangement. It was gift my father gave my mom over 30 years ago. The arrangement came together so beautifully and everyone loved it! I was even able to share it after the party festivities for one our local churches Sunday service the next day. I never tire of sharing bloom joy!